Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group (EWAG)

What is it?

The Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group (EWAG) is a mechanism to aid and support the Equity and Wellbeing Representative on the UCSA Executive to best represent the needs of all students at the University of Canterbury; to ensure all students have a voice within the UCSA and to further develop diversity and inclusivity in the UCSA's decision making.

Further information on the Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group Charter can be found here



Role of the Advisory Group

The UCSA EWAG is responsible for providing advice and making recommendations on issues of culture, diversity and inclusiveness to the Executive Committee.

Additionally, EWAG will provide advice to the student representatives on the UC Central Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (CEDAC) to enable them to articulate student opinion on diversity and equity issues involving UC.

The UCSA EWAG may also function as a reference group on UCSA materials, policies, and events as well as for CEDAC when looking for student perspective.

If you have any questions email the Equity and Wellbeing Representative at equityandwellbeing@ucsa.org.nz.

Applications will be sought from a variety of student groups across the campus and will be open to the full UC student population. So if you are a student with an interest in creating a more inclusive campus please complete the applications form by 5 December. 

All applications will be considered and candidates will be appointed by the end of December 2018.