Outward Bound Scholarships 2018

Outward Bound is New Zealand's leading organisation for showing people their full potential through outdoor challenge and adventure.  Discover your full potential through a life-changing adventure in the outdoors.  Push your limits and challenge yourself in a whole new way.  Together with your team, you’ll tramp, climb, kayak, run and sail your way through some of the most amazing places in New Zealand, forming life-long friendships along the way.


Normally this course is $4,180pp but for deserving applicants who either volunteer or are involved in a not-for-profit organisation, Outward Bound can offer scholarships at the following rates:


-              $749 for the 21 day Classic Course (18 – 26 year olds)

-              $1,000 for 8 or 21 day courses for those aged 27+


(NB: fees do not include travel to/from Picton and the cost of having a medical completed.)


In 2018, these opportunities are available for the Outward Bound Classic Course - a 21 day iconic experience for those aged 18 – 27 (these work on a first in first served basis):


-       2 Feb

-       2 Mar

-       4 June

-       2 Jul

-       30 Jul

-       27 Aug


For those aged 27 and over there are;

-          Masters - 4 June (21 day 27+)

-          Discovery – 20 May (8 day 27 – 45yo)

-          Discovery Masters – 20 May (8 day 40+)


For those who are not volunteers or are not involved in a not-for-profit organisation, do not despair.  There are still scholarships available to enrolled UC students which will pay for 50% of the cost of the courses.


If you would like to apply for the scholarships, please submit your full name, contact details (phone number, email and address) and student ID number to Ee-Li Hong, UCSA Advocacy & Welfare Manager, at ee-li.hong@ucsa.org.nz.


Jacinta and Georgia 2016 

I have not yet found a word that completely sums up the 21 day Outward Bound course that I completed in July. It was full of 6am wake ups, mental and physical challenges, exhaustion, tears, freezing jumps off the jetty and homesickness. However it was also full of bursts of laughter, accomplishments, skill developing, close friendships, new experiences, self-development, team building, new appreciations and picturesque environments. My time at Outward Bound was humbling to say the least and by all means the most invigorating of my life.

I’ve left Outward Bound grateful for a new understanding and new sense of connectedness to myself, my values, my environment and those around me. The course has given me a fresh perspective towards my capabilities and awareness for areas of growth. With everyday my 12 other watchmates and myself found ourselves earning a sense of achievement and experiencing opportunities we had never known before. Some of these opportunities were a three day sailing expedition where we experienced 40 knot winds, white water kayaking, rock climbing blindfolded, a high ropes course, a half marathon, repairing the Queen Charlotte track, a three day solo mission, five days of tramping and much more!

I have found a greater appreciation for people, my health, for my freedom (and for flushing toilets). The course helped me discover the beautiful natural environment of Aotearoa like never before. My watch mates and I experienced education in native bush and not so native (stinging nettle, gorse), wildlife in which we experienced seals, dolphins, and the song of the beautiful bird life. All this helped me develop a greater appreciation for our planet in which I embraced every dawn and have become awake to environmental sustainability! 

My watchmates and I developed a special bond in which will last forever, we experienced the good and the bad together and special moments that I will never forgot. So I urge you, if you get the opportunity to experience Outward Bound leap at it and put your all into it, you won’t be let down!

Some things you’ll learn:

  1. If you have snacks they’re not just yours
  2. A heavy pack only gets lighter
  3. Dirt is good!
  4. Sleep is even better
  5. Stories told in tents are always the weirdest
  6. Live in the moment!

Jacinta Dempster
Classic Course
Shackleton 619