Club Grant Information

Grant Applications 2016

  • Applications will be accepted until October 2016.
  • Each club may apply as many times as they wish. A maximum of 4 grant applications will be approved per club or society per year (Jan-Dec)
  • It is advised that you apply each term to help with your own planning
  • Grant applications usually take one month to process to a point where you know an amount approved
  • Once an amount is approved, funds will only be transferred once proof of purchase is provided.

Please see the Grants Info PageClub Grants Policy  and Clubs Grants Application Form .

Clubs affiliated to the UCSA for 12 months or more may apply for UCSA Club Grants. Grants are considered based on your application, which acts as a proposal. The potential benefit to the club, student members and long term longevity of the club are taken into consideration. Grants are awarded throughout the year and are available for:

  • Equipment
  • Training, coaching, conference
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Affiliations and subscriptions
  • Special projects

Please note
In allocating club grants, the effort put into raising money from other sources will be taken into account.