Montana Early Learning Centre

Te Whare Kōhungahunga o Montana // Montana Early Learning Centre

Montana specialises in the respectful care and education of tamariki/children from birth to five years and is licensed for 35 tamariki. The centre is divided into three developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor areas which meet the needs of our children and their continual learning.

The Nursery is designed for infants aged up two years. With a maximum of eight pēpi/babies at any one time, the two fully qualified teachers’ practice is inspired by the RIE and Pikler approaches to early learning, and based on secure attachment, responsive caregiving and freedom of movement and play in an inviting and engaging especially designed room.

Our large Toddler area caters for busy toddlers aged from two till around four years. Our qualified teachers continue with the same approach as the nursery, with key teachers supporting the holistic learning and development of each individual child. Tamariki are free to choose from a wide variety of play activities which support their physical, social, and cognitive development.

Our Pre-school area aims to provide a learning environment that is interactive, engaging and relevant to the children’s interests. This helps promote cognitive, social and emotional growth through both teacher-directed play and child-lead play. As this is a specialised area, one of the key focuses is to support our children as best we can for their transition to school. There is a strong focus on developing the fundamental social and co-operative skills that will create a solid foundation for their future learning and relationship building. We also aim to introduce some of the concepts learnt in their first year of primary school, however our main priority is to allow children to problem solve through their play and for children to take charge of their own learning.

Montana’s strong culture of aroha/love and respect is based on our committed team of teachers who value the warm, communicative relationships they have with each other, the children and their parents and whānau. We appreciate the unique bicultural heritage of Aotearoa and also the richness and diversity of our multi-cultural community. As part of the University we have access to the beautiful grounds and gardens, and we often go on expeditions around campus.

Montana Early Learning Centre

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm


Montana’s hours are based on the needs of our student parents, so we can be a bit flexible. There are two core sessions 9-12 (morning) and 12-3(afternoon). These can be extended earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon, by 15 minute increments if required.

The centre is open right through the year, closing down for public holidays and a three week break over the Christmas and New Year period.

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31 Montana Avenue (corner of Ilam Rd)
Postal Address: PO Box 31-311, Ilam, Christchurch 8041

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Centre Manager or Administrator
Phone: (03) 364-3968 or 364-2652 ext. 3968

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